Who is he?


Born and raised in San Bernardino, CA, Jalil Miles has consistently pushed his potential to create a brand that is like no other. His passion for music developed at a young age as he discovered the Alto Saxophone and played in numerous concerts around the city. An interest in music production came about in his teens and he quickly became acclimated to the West Coast sound. This curiosity followed him to Nashville, TN where he recently obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Music Business) from Fisk University. Miles has utilized this matriculation to network with people in Atlanta, New York, Miami, D.C. and other major cities where the Entertainment Industry continues to thrive. He started his first business, "JM Designs," providing quality graphic designs to different businesses worldwide. During his freshman year, he found the art of DJing and eventually resurfaced and adopted the childhood name "Jay iLL" as a DJ alias. Since then, he has completed events in major cities across the United States, working closely with artists Damar Jackson, Mal, and Suge J. Knight. He is currently networking and expanding his brand in Washington, D.C.  

“Envision the future as if you live it today.”
— Jay iLL

The rest is still being written...